Increasing remote situational awareness

In 2023 Seafar and Smart-Ship embarked on a journey where Smart-Ship is going to implement its force-feedback controls in the remote control stations of Seafar in Antwerp, Duisburg and Rotterdam.

Smart-Ship levers in control desk

As of 2024 Smart-Ship has installed 6 desks for Seafar, with another 12 to follow over the course of the year. The stations are being used to control inland barges from 100+ kilometers distance. Controlling such vessels from a distance comes with certain challenges in situational awareness.

Remote controlled shipping with Smart-Ship controls.

See the Azimuth in action.

See the video of the Azimuth being used.

Source: NOS

In the remote control stations we can apply multiple functionalities where the operators are instantly informed on amongst other things:

Crucial thruster information regarding warnings, vibrations or optimal RPM’s – this is done with our haptics and LEDs

Allowing for seamless switching and overruling by making sure controls always match the thrusters and configurations that are on board.

Providing warnings on maximum speeds in relation to the GPS-location of the vessels

Warning operators and guiding them when sailing close to or too fast near objects

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