Our Haptic Controls

By implementing force-feedback technology on our custom-built maritime controls, we optimise the interaction between operator and vessel, resulting in safe, sustainable and efficient operations.

Smart-Ship currently offers 3 fully type-approved haptic-feedback control levers for maritime manoeuvring applications: the Throttle, Azimuth and Tiller lever. 

In combination with the Haptic Control Algorithm, any kind of information from a (3rd party) information system can be translated into an intuitive advice.

Optimal Operations


Reliable Hardware


Throttle & Bow Buster

The most versatile lever for throttling operations in the market: This lever is fully type-approved and can be used on bridge and open deck due to the IP56 rating. A Standard or Bow Thruster layout can be provided for single or dual thruster operation, with custom branding (upon request), as well as various (redundant) sensor outputs.

Functionalities include


A top-notch control lever featuring 2 degree-of-freedom haptic feedback with full range of motion. The Azimuth lever is type approved and can be provided with various (redundant) sensor output options for both directions, as well as custom operating ranges. The LED indicators are dimmable and can be fully customised and, upon request, the lever can be branded to your desire

Functionalities include


Our Rotary controller providing haptic feedback over full range of motion for all your control applications including rudder, winch and backup propulsion. This Type-approved lever comes with an IP56 rating for open deck applications, as well as various (Redundant) sensor outputs and custom branding options.

Examples of Haptic Functions are:


Safer sailing

Smart-Ship developed a system where data from both horizontal and vertical acceleration sensors mounted on small fast ships was used as an input for the haptic algorithm. 

Using this data, the haptic algorithm could provides real time dynamic feedback on the wave impacts and vibration dose. The operator is provided with a speed advice in the throttle lever that is generated on the basis of the predetermined safety limits.

Sustainable operations

Together with partner D&A Electric, Smart-Ship is bringing a sustainable maritime future a little closer. By providing operators with feedback on how to make optimal use of D&A Electric’s innovative hybrid drivetrain technology, it becomes even easier to meet new regulations, lower emissions and reduce OPEX!

More efficient operations

Furthemore, we developed a module that allows operators to always be aware of the action radius of their vessel by communicating a reference point/threshold in the throttle lever. Establishing both reliable and efficient operations on tight time tables.

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