Force Feedback Controls
for Maritime

Feeling Is Believing

Welcome aboard Smart-Ship, where we’re setting sail towards a sustainable maritime future. With our cutting-edge force-feedback (haptic) control levers, we are raising the bar for maritime control systems by optimizing the interaction between operator and ship. With #Smart-ShipOnDeck, you are assured that your operations are safe, sustainable and efficient!

Why Smart-Ship?

Smart-ship transcends the conventional levers of today. We offer products designed for the future and tailored to meet the needs of your upcoming projects. Our offerings encompass distinctive technology and services, crafted specifically for forward-thinking individuals envisioning the real future.


The new standard in marine

We do not just supply another way of manoeuvring your ship. With the quality we establish in our products and services, we continuously provide value to you, your environment and your future by:


Custom & modular solutions

It doesn’t matter if you operate a single ship or manage a whole fleet. Once you have our hardware aboard, our custom-built functionalities can support the operator in any type of operation. 


Using future-proof technologies

Our system not only tackles current-day but we can also support you in the transition to future technologies with a focus on ensuring optimal operator interaction throughout the transition.

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Experience the limitless possibilities of our products by requesting a demo below, and learn how we can make your operations more sustainable for together!