Portable Simulator

The Portable Simulator is a great solution for customers that want to have the maximum visuals and training capabilities in a compact and easily transportable box. Outfitted with Smart-Ship’s haptic levers and VSTEP’s NAUTIS training solution, all of your training needs are taken care off with this convenient, cost-effective and portable simulator setup. You don’t have to travel to a training center, it travels to you.

The advantages
of our Portable Simulator


The Conventional Portable Simulator provides a fully immersive training experience including Smart-Ship’s Haptic Feedback Throttle and Tiller lever, high quality visuals, RADAR and ECDIS integration, and a wide range of scenario’s to train in.

Fully Custom

Are you looking for a custom simulator experience, adapted to your specific needs or vessel configuration? Get in touch to learn more about the possibilities of our Fully Custom Portable Simulator. Smart-Ship can provide the setup you need in terms of levers, screens and simulator specs!

The advantages
of our Portable Simulator


The Portable Azimuth Simulator provides all the benefits of the conventional, but contains 2 of Smart-Ship’s top-notch Haptic Azimuth levers. This setup is optimal for training scenarios including tugs and other complex manoeuvring setups. Get to know about our cost-effective training solutions today by inquiring about rental opportunities!


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