Sustainable Yachting

Enabling sustainable yachting

On board the Scintilla Maris Explorer Yacht, Smart-Ship has integrated its throttle levers to allow for optimal interaction with the hybrid propulsion system.

Source: Schuttevaer

The 150-foot vessel, formerly a fishing trawler called HD23 Vertrouwen, has been retro-fitted into an exploration yacht that could even travel to the North Pole by Damen Maaskant Shipyard. The owner himself calls the vessel an SUV on the ocean.

See the stunning Scintilla Maris in action

Smart-Ship throttle levers

The Scintilla Maris has been equipped with a high-tech bridge of which the Smart-Ship throttle levers form a crucial part. In collaboration with D&A Electric the haptic throttle and bow thruster levers have been installed to ensure sustainable operations. While sailing the vessel, the operator will receive feedback through forces and vibrations in the controls, informing him on the most sustainable way of sailing.

Products used

Throttle Thruster

Haptic Bow Thruster

Tiller as backup controller


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