Smart-Ship ensures sustainable sailing on the Wim Wolff

On board of the Research Vessel Wim Wolff, owned by the NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, Smart-Ship has integrated its throttle levers to allow for optimal interaction with the hybrid propulsion system.

Ship in water

We want to launch the most sustainable ship possible

Throttle lever


In collaboration with D&A Electric the haptic throttle and bow thruster levers have been installed to ensure sustainable operations. While sailing the vessel, the operator will receive feedback through forces and vibrations in the controls, informing him on the most sustainable way of sailing.


The video demonstrates how the operator will be guided towards the most sustainable way of sailing.

NIOZ focusing on research in the area of climate change gave them one clear goal. From the design phase onwards the goal of the Wim Wolff was clear: to be the most sustainable ship possible. For the vessel to be as sustainable in the water as designed on paper, it’s crucial for the crew to use the available systems as efficiently as possible. The Smart-Ship system takes care of that regarding the propulsion, as the captain is able to feel exactly how to sail as efficiently and thus as sustainable as possible.

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