Enhanced learning & sustainability w/ haptics

🚢 Navigating the Future with VSTEP’s Innovative Simulators 🚢

A recent insightful article highlighted the transformative work of VSTEP in the maritime industry, showcasing their innovative simulators. We at Smart-Ship are thrilled to be partners with VSTEP, and we appreciate the recognition of our haptic levers as tools for efficient sailing behaviour. 

Our collaborative efforts are directly aligned with the urgent need to optimize maritime operations and tackle the industry’s pressing staffing challenges. The capabilities of our haptic levers enable precise coaching of captains for smarter, energy-efficient sailing, emphasizing power usage only when necessary.

The majority of VSTEP’s diverse clientele—including maritime academies, global navies, and shipping companies—leverages these simulators for accelerated learning processes. Remarkably, research indicates that simulator training can expedite the education of maritime professionals by more than seven times, enhancing the quality and readiness of students and staff alike.

This innovative approach to training is a key strategy in addressing the maritime industry’s significant challenge: the shortage of qualified personnel. By investing in comprehensive, in-house training programs, companies can not only maintain high standards of crew quality but also facilitate a smoother transition to either leaner bridge teams or a more skilled workforce.

Furthermore, the use of simulators to acclimate crews to new vessels before their maiden voyages significantly boosts confidence and efficiency. This leads to more effective training sessions, allowing instructors to focus on specific objectives without being bogged down by basic operations.

Read the article here: https://www.maritimedelta.nl/fabian-van-den-berg-vstep-ziet-kansen-laten-we-als-maritieme-sector-het-pionieren-meer-omarmen/

In partnership with VSTEP, Smart-Ship is excited to be part of innovation in maritime training and operations. Together, we are setting sail towards a future where sustainability and efficiency are at the forefront of the maritime industry.


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Photo: VSTEP simulator – from: https://www.maritimedelta.nl/fabian-van-den-berg-vstep-ziet-kansen-laten-we-als-maritieme-sector-het-pionieren-meer-omarmen/

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