Automation and Haptic Feedback in Maritime Industry

Smart-Ship was mentioned in an article about force-feedback technology in the maritime automation sector! ⛴️🌱

The article focusses on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the automation sector of the maritime industry, discussing the cyber security aspect. 🤖🛡️


📑 A summary:

The article discusses the integration of automation concepts, particularly force-feedback technologies, in the maritime industry. The Dutch company Smart-Ship utilizes Bachmann’s M200 control system combined with Real-Time Innovations (RTI) software to create a flexible and fail-safe automation platform for distributed systems. This system enables real-time communication and decision-making for semi-autonomous and autonomous ships.

Key components for these ships include sensors, GPS navigation, complex control algorithms, and visualization tools. Haptic feedback technology, which provides tactile responses through control devices, helps bridge the interaction between humans and machines. It ensures that shipmasters can monitor and intervene in automated processes, making training more efficient and intuitive.


💡 Some highlights from the article:

Automation and Haptic Feedback in Maritime Industry:

  • The Dutch company Smart-Ship utilizes Bachmann’s M200 control system to implement force-feedback technologies in the maritime industry. This integration supports the development of semi-autonomous and remotely controlled ships.


Haptic Feedback Technology:

  • Haptic feedback bridges the gap between humans and machines by using touch impulses for communication. Smart-Ship’s technology provides resistance and vibrations through control components like throttles and joysticks, enhancing the operator’s awareness and control over automated processes.



  • Ensuring cybersecurity is critical in the development of autonomous shipping to protect against malicious attacks. A robust multi-layered IT security concept and strong encryption methods are essential for safeguarding interconnected automation systems.


Optimized Support for Various Propulsion Methods:

  • Smart-Ship aims to optimize force-feedback control systems for different propulsion methods, including fuel cells, wind assistance, full-electric, and hybrid drives. The control elements will help operators achieve optimal energy efficiency.


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