Successful Kick-Off for Refit Alliance Sustainable Inland Shipping

We are proud to contribute to this innovative and sustainable collaboration for Project ZERO. This initiative, facilitated by Smart Delta Drechtsteden through the Regio Deal Drechtsteden-Gorinchem, unites business, education, and government to innovate and promote sustainability in inland shipping. Within Smart Delta Drechtsteden, the aim is to create a future-proof region for the approximately 300,000 residents of the Drechtsteden.

💡 Highlights:

  • Sustainability: Exploring ways to improve sustainability in inland shipping through different perspectives.
  • Collaboration: Emphasis on teamwork and knowledge sharing with an open approach for various stakeholders. 

Project ZERO’s open innovation approach will generate new ideas, shared knowledge, and accelerate sustainability in the maritime sector. Looking forward to the impact we can achieve together! 🚢🌍💚

🔗 Read more about this project and the first meeting:

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