New interns

Smart-Ship is pleased welcome its newest team members Waleed, Kas & Heinrich. They introduce themselves shortly below:

Kas: I was born in the Netherlands but moved to South Africa at age 6 and stayed there for the next 12 years before returning to complete my studies. I am a third-year student at Inholland University, studying Aeronautical Engineering and am doing my internship at Smart-Ship. My hobbies include swimming, gaming and reading.

Waleed: I’m an international student of Aeronautical engineering at Hogeschool Inholland. I started a 6 months internship at Smart-Ships. I’m having a great time during my internship. It is a start-up company, so I am able to learn and investigate more about the internal culture of the company. I’m not only gaining practical experience of my theoretical knowledge but also insight of the daily challenges of a startup company.

Heinrich: Motivation and determination give results. Real passion however give the right results. That’s why I believe in studying wherever your passion lies, nevermind the odds. Working at Smart-Ship helps me to practically implement the theory studied so far as well as working on a task in a greater collective. Besides my tasks at Smart-Ship I tend to my garden & do some climbing on the side to get my mind off things.

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