Smart-Ship & Seafar - remote control

Remote Control Project

Exciting announcement: we’ve launched a new collaboration with SEAFAR!🇧🇪🇳🇱🚀🤩

Over the past weeks we’ve been working together to use our force-feedback levers to control and monitor a remote controlled inland vessel from their Antwerp based Remote Operations Center 🦾

SEAFAR navigates ships from a distance across different regions to tackle a growing shortage of skilled personnel and enable an acceleration of the modal shift.

By using our force-feedback control levers we enable inch-perfect navigation from 100+ kilometers distance. Next to that we’ve created a single lever set-up that can seamlessly be used to control several vessel types ⛴️🛳️🚢

It’s great to be able to work together with a like-minded company as SEAFARand make a significant impact on creating a sustainable future for the maritime sector! 🌍🍀

This is just the start of a very promising journey… Stay tuned!

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