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Rotterdam, 12 September 2022 – To become acquainted with simulation-based learning, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, MSG eG and Royal Boskalis Westminster leased a Portable Simulator from VSTEP. These companies see it as an opportunity to test whether the simulator can help them achieve their training objectives.  

The Portable Simulator is an accessible entrance point to maritime simulationtraining. While a full-mission bridge simulator might be an investment and require a lot of internal alignment, a Portable Simulator is a rather economical option. It gives organizations data points to decide whether it’s worth setting upmaritime simulation training. This is what the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, MSG eG and Royal Boskalis Westminster are aiming to achieve with our Portable Simulator. Itgives them an indication about whether simulation could enhance their learning possibilities. 

For the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, the education of their employees is crucial. While tug capitaines are waiting onshore for the next assignment, they can train maneuvering and tugboat handling on VSTEP’s Portable Simulator. This reduces the lost time between operations and fosters learning. 

MSG eG, a shipyard in Germany, will rent our Portable Simulator with conventional controls for two days to use at the Shipping, Technics and Logistics Event in Kalkar.

Royal Boskalis Westminster, a dredging and heavylift company, will rent our Portable Simulator with conventional propellers for one day. The company is planning to calculate the behavior of the tug vessel, considering the power of the ship, wind, current and waves. Later, they are going to test their calculations on the Portable Simulator.  

One of the feedback points we got so far was that Portable Simulator’s visuals are of extremely high quality. They look sharp and highly realistic. Clients also highlight the wide range of various ships and the underwater view as it contributes to various training objectives. 

Source: https://www.vstepsimulation.com/nautis-news/how-portable-simulator-benefits-vsteps-clients/

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