Pioneering in Zero-Emission Maritime Innovation

Thrilled to announce Smart-Ship’s contribution to the Netherlands’ first zero-emission workboat, JAN, from engineering company Hakkers. Christened on March 2, 2024, JAN showcases our innovative Throttle lever, designed for EMS. This zero emission vessel marks another significant step in our journey towards sustainable maritime advancements.

JAN is a groundbreaking vessel, operating without combustion engines and powered entirely by batteries. It’s been recognized for its green credentials with the Green Award Gold with a platinum label and an A0 certificate for emission-free performance.

Serving the sea ports, rivers, and canals of the Netherlands and Germany, JAN is not just a vessel but a testament to what the future of maritime work looks like: clean, green, and efficient.

🚀 Here’s to a sustainable future!

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Werkendam, 2 maart 2024

[Foto van de JAN in Amsterdam]. (2024). Geraadpleegd op 13 Maart 2024, van ]


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