JIP: Huisman & TU Delft

Over past 3 months we’ve been in collaboration with Huisman and the TU Delft to explore the possibilities and value-adds of implementing force-feedback on the (remote) control of crane operations.

During the joint industry project we worked together with the R&D department of Huisman (@Jeroen Dijkstra and Jesse Coehoorn) and five Master students from the TU Delft.

During the project the controller was demonstrated in the Huisman Field Lab for the remote controlled and autonomous crane. We found that force-feedback can make up for loss of awareness, and even improve, the awareness of the operator when moving to remote controlled operation of cranes. As well as improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability through force-feedback during on-site operations.

In the next stage we’ll further investigate force-feedback functionalities and developing a dedicated controller.

Get in touch for more information on the project or any other general inquiries!

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