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On March 11, 2024, DNV published a slideshow on industry insights regarding the tightening of carbon emission restrictions and the expected high cost of future green fuels. They’ve made a compelling call to action, urging the maritime sector to take every conceivable step to maximize energy efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

🚢 At Smart-Ship, we find that DNV’s insights resonate deeply with our vision of advancing smart shipping solutions. We are fully supportive of these initiatives and are proud to be at the forefront of enabling the technical measures discussed. Our smart on-board and remote monitoring and control systems are designed to help in reducing fuel consumption and in utilizing the hidden potential for efficiency improvements.

🔧 Additionally, we contribute significantly to operational measures, aiming to realize the full potential of existing equipment and systems. Like DNV, we recognize that intervening in such a manner can lead to substantial savings for many vessels, including those with a limited remaining lifespan, without necessitating major investment costs.

💡 We stand with DNV in their call for a more energy-efficient and sustainable maritime industry. Together, we can navigate towards a greener future, leveraging smart technology to unlock significant savings and reduce our environmental footprint.

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