Electric & Hybrid

From the 21st until the 23rd Smart-Ship was present at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in the Rai Amsterdam.

During the expo we displayed two of our products in cooperation with Bachmann electronic GmbH and Holland Shipyards Group.

At the Holland Shipyards Group booth we showcased the result of our recent collaboration: we developed a double throttle lever that allows the operator to select several modes:

  • A variable detent linked to power management settings – alarming him before switching on another generator

  • An increased dynamic friction whenever accelerating too fast

  • Allowing him to put a threshold at the maximum energy consumption

At the Bachmann booth we showcased our latest haptic double throttle, rudder and azimuth control. As there was a focus on electric and hybrid marine systems we built a couple of integrated use cases, where our levers were linked to power management systems, eco-settings, efficient steering and other application.

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