Celebrating the Arrival of the MV Vertom Joy

Celebrating the Arrival of the MV Vertom Joy


Exciting news! The MV Vertom Joy was officially christened on December 8th as part of the Fleet of Europe Caribbean Line. 🚀

This versatile vessel boasts a cutting-edge diesel-electric propulsion system and advanced power management system, making it standout from other ships of her size by leaving a greener footprint. The Vertom Joy is equipped with striking ECL pink colored cranes. Fitted with two 80-ton cranes, the vessel has a combined lifting capacity of 150 metric tons. This exceptional capability allows it to load and unload a wide variety of cargo in any port, independent of the lifting facilities on the ground

On the MV Vertom Joy, destined to navigate the ECL trade route connecting Europe to the northern coast of South America, our team has crafted a graphic user interface to D&A Electric’s groundbreaking propulsion systems. This interface is designed to facilitate intuitive software usage, ensuring a seamless interaction between the user and the machine. Our focus has been on enhancing user experience, making the operation of these advanced systems both user-friendly and efficient. 

We look back on our involvement in developing the software visualizations for D&A Electric with immense pride. Contributing to the realization of this remarkable vessel is a meaningful step towards a more eco-friendly maritime era. We are excited about the upcoming projects and invite you to stay tuned for more groundbreaking innovations from our team.🌊🌊🌊


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