1st test on the water

We are very excited and proud to share that we’ve successfully contributed to the SciPPPer – Schleusenassistenzsystem basierend auf PPP und VDES für die Binnenschifffahrt – project!

Locking is one of the most common but also one of the most critical manoeuvres in inland navigation. It’s typical for the waterways in Europe to be very narrow, there are situations where an 11.40 m wide ship enters a 12 m wide lock. Automating this process is mainly aimed at increasing the ease and safety of inland shipping traffic.

The technological basis for the new assistance system to which we’ve contributed, is the provision of reliable and highly accurate information on the position, location and speed of the barge. Fast forward to approximately 07:00 for a more elaborate explanation on the integration with our haptic levers!

The currently displayed integration is just one of the many possibilities with Smart-Ship’s haptic lever system. Get in touch to learn more about the possibilities and how we can increase safety, sustainability and efficiency for your operations!

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