Smart-Ship’s Human Factors specialists have developed HMI solutions which provide customers with more insight in their operations, energy management, maintenance and incidents.

By bringing relevant data from sensors and (3rd party) information systems across the ship together in real time through our visualisation interface, operators can intuitively respond when required, improving operational efficiencies and reducing maintenance costs.

The advantages of our HMI

Trending & logging

Through logging of data and incidents and by looking for trends, data-driven decisions regarding operational efficiency, maintenance profiles and personnel performance can be made in real-time, aboard or ashore, as well as at a later stage.

Smart-Ship provides the know-how on how to visually implement and utilize all your data and information flows.

Custom element design

Smart-Ship is able to offer fully-custom element design along with years of experience in representing this in an intuitive matter. This allows for a tailor-made solution to help you make the most out of your operations.

System visualisation

A limitless expansion of the integrated systems aboard the ship is provided through Smart-Ship’s modular structure. No matter how detailed or extensive the systems.

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