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Smart-Ship is currently working on three specific projects which are highlighted below. The three projects all match the sustainability topic with regard to people, equipment and the environment.

These projects are only a glimpse of what is possible with the Smart-Ship technology. Curious to see what else is possible? Reach out to see what the Smart-Ship technology can do to make your maritime operations more safe, sustainable and efficient.



Haptics for small fast ship

Smart-Ship is implementing force-feedback technology on the gas lever of small fast ships (FRISC) currently being used by the Royal Netherlands Navy. With this gas lever the amount of vertical accelerations in high waves is reduced, thereby increasing safety aboard these small fast ships. Check out the flyer discussing this development here.

Haptics for dredging

In December 2019, Smart-Ship partnered up with DEME Group to discover the opportunities of the Smart-Ship technology for DEME’s dredging operations. Currently, two types of levers are being produced, implemented and tested. The objective of these two levers is to increase operational efficiency, resulting in more sustainable and shorter dredging operations.

Haptics for learning

In October 2019, Smart-Ship partnered up with VSTEP Simulation to implement Smart-Ship’s levers in the simulation environments of VSTEP. The goal of this implementation is to drastically reduce training time in their simulators and have a higher skill standard of recently trained operators. In the long run this enables more sustainable interactions and operations with maritime equipment, as well as improved utilization of the simulator equipment.

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